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Countries Names in English and German Language

English German English German Argentina Argentinien Mexico Mexiko Africa Afrika New Zealand Neuseeland Australia Australien Panama Panama Brazil Brasilien Philippines die Philippinen Belgium Belgien Portugal Portugal Canada Kanada Russia Russland Chile Chile Spain Spanien...


Basic German Expressions German Course Online

  English German Where is the restroom? Wo ist die Toilette? I am lost. Ich habe mich verirrt. the hotel das Hotel the restaurant das Restaurant the airport der Flughafen the American embassy die...


Days, Months, Year and Seasons in German Language

Days – der Tag (die Tage) Der Montag, (am) Montag Monday, (on) Monday Der Dienstag, (am) Dienstag Tuesday, (on) Tuesday Der Mittwoch, (am) Mittwoch Wednesday, (on) Wednesday Der Donnerstag, (am) Donnerstag Thursday, (on) Thursday Der...