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German Alphabet with Pronunciation

German Alphabet with Pronunciation

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German Modal Verbs : Deutsche Modal Verben

When we use a modal verb, the main verb appears as an infinitive (unconjugated verb ending in -en) at the very end of the sentence. Sometimes the infinitive can be omitted, but only if the context makes it...

Countries Names in English and German Language

English German English German Argentina Argentinien Mexico Mexiko Africa Afrika New Zealand Neuseeland Australia Australien Panama Panama Brazil Brasilien Philippines die Philippinen Belgium Belgien Portugal...

Nominative, Accusative and Dative forms in German Language

Nouns with the definite article Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural Nominative der Mann die Frau das Kind die Tiere Accusative den Mann die Frau das Kind die Tiere Dative dem Mann der Frau dem Kind den Tieren...

Use of Als and Wenn in German

Als oder Wenn ? Als Articles or sentences with als refer to a single event or state in the past or one time on life 1. Als ich 13 Jahre alt war, habe ich 5 Romane gelesen. 2. Ich habe viel Sport getrieben, als...

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